Let’s decide together!

Citizen OS is an open source social enterprise helping someone like you bring about change.

Citizen OS is raising awareness on participatory democracy.

Our mission is to allow as many people as possible to collaboratively decide on topics that affect their well-being using an argumentative decision-making process. We are a social enterprise

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Let’s Educate

Collaborating with scientists and researchers.

As an organization, Citizen OS helps the general public in getting involved and getting their voices heard.

We invest in reseach and studies to help us understand better the needs of communities.

The Citizen OS conference is a bi-annual meeting for e-democracy researchers.

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Our Product

Use Citizen OS free of charge.

The Citizen OS platform allows everyone to raise issues, discuss and vote for solutions.

Use for free on our platform.
For API integration, contact us for a quote.

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A word from the team

You and I are changing the world.

Everyone who contributes to Citizen OS is driven by the idea of participatory democracy empowering people around the world. There are many ways to contribute, join us!

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