Finding a topic you are participating in

The way in which you find a topic will depend on whether you have previously joined it or not.

If you have not previously joined the topic:

  1. Click on the link in the invitation email you have been sent.
  2. Log in using the same email address as the invitation email was sent to.
  3. You will be directed to the topic, and have now joined it.
  4. From now on, it will appear in your “My Topics” dashboard.

Screenshot of the platform.

If you have previously joined the topic:

  1. Click on “My Topics” in the main menu to go to your My Topics dashboard.
  2. Use the search bar or filters at the top to find the relevant topic.
  3. If a group you are a member of has been invited to the topic, you can also find the topic listed under the relevant group name in your “My Groups” dashboard.

Please note:

  • If a topic you have previously joined or created is not showing in your "My Topics" list, it may be that you are signed into the wrong Citizen OS account. If you have another Citizen OS account, try looking there. (You can only access topics using the Citizen OS account that is linked to the same email address as the one to which the original topic invitation email was sent).

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