Why admins can’t see who has voted while a vote is in progress

The admin(s) of a topic can see who has voted, but only once the voting period has ended. It is not possible to see who has voted while a vote is still running.

It is possible to see who has joined the topic in the Activity Feed, which is located below “My account” in the main menu. There, the names of everyone who has joined or commented on the topic so far are displayed, along with the date and time they did so. The date and time of votes cast are displayed too, but anonymously.

Why we protect anonymity during the vote.
At Citizen OS we believe that not voting can be a means of expressing opinion. For example, if someone does not agree with the question or the options available to vote upon, they may actively decide not to vote. If the vote administrator tries to incite them to vote, this could deprive them of their freedom to express their views through not voting. This information is kept confidential in government-run votes for the same reason.

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