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The CSV file for digital signature voting results (Estonia only)

In Estonia, digital signature voting results can be downloaded with a CSV file (the “human readable” option) or without a CSV file (the “machine readable” option).

What is a CSV file?

A CSV file is a “comma-separated values'' file, which presents data in a tabular format. This can be opened and read using any spreadsheet software (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets).

Each voter’s data is displayed in a separate line in the table. It shows the date and time they voted, their name, their personal identification code, the options they voted for and the file name of each option they voted for.

Here is an example of a line in a vote CSV file:

Thu Jan 21 2021 13:51:07 GMT + 0200 (Eastern European Standard Time), PNOEE-112233444, JAAK ERVIN SINGLE-GATE, "Two, Three", "Two.html, Three.html"

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