Online decision-making in teams and communities.

Make argument-based decisions. Structure discussions and meet your voting deadlines. Collect votes for petitions.

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A flexible format

How can you use Citizen OS’s platform?

A female member of Citizen OS staff attending an event to answer questions about the platform.



  • Overview of decision-making progress.
  • Voting deadlines.


  • Ideas are collected bottom-up.
  • Discussion occurs in a structured way.
  • Can involve thousands or millions of participants.

Security & Research

  • Continuous development to keep up with new laws.
  • Product development follows scientific approach.
  • Safe encrypted data, secure platform in a cloud server.


A screenshot of the Citizen OS platform being used for participatory democracy.

Case Study: Communication Between the Citizens and the Government of Estonia

The Citizen OS open source code was used to set up the citizen initiatives platform, where petitions can be started, votes can be collected and sent to the Parliament.

View of the audience at the Estonian Opinion Festival, who use the Citizen OS argumentation widget for their annual event.

Case Study: Widening the Scope of Communication.

Opinion Festival integrated the Citizen OS argumentation widget, allowing online discussions on the festival topics beyond the two days of the physical festival.

Our online decision-making community is growing.

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Edit collaborately. Collect thousands or millions of signatures. Follow up with news.

Online meetings

Online meetings

Carry out meetings online. Everyone can leave their comments and vote at a time suitable for them.

Gathering ideas

Gathering ideas

Share your decision-making process with a bigger audience.

Pro-con argumented discussions

Pro-con argumented discussions

Integrate our widget in your site or platform to conduct discussion based on pro and con arguments.

Use on our website

The Citizen OS platform is free to use on our website for everyone.

Free for ever!Use platform

Integrate API

Use The Citizen OS API as a base to build an online decision-making platform with your own branding.

Free for ever!GitHub

Consult & integrate

Let our team do all the work from consulting to a working adaptation with your systems.

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