Collective decisions and civic participation.

Use the free online platform for discussions, voting and crowdsourcing ideas. With optional e-ID function.

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What is Citizen OS for?

A female member of Citizen OS staff attending an event to answer questions about the platform.


Why use Citizen OS?

  • 100% free to use, always. No ads, no charges.

  • A ready-made platform – just log in and get started.

  • Already in 14 languages and easy to translate.

  • Pro and con discussions for balanced debates.

  • Private or public discussions – you choose.

  • Private groups for multiple discussions with the same people.

  • Customisable & anonymous voting with deadlines.

  • Advanced voting features such as mini-votes and delegation.

  • e-ID compatible – for logins, votes & digital signatures.

A screenshot of the Citizen OS platform being used for participatory democracy.

Case study

Estonia’s Citizen Initiatives Platform.

The Citizen OS free open source code was initially used to set up the citizen initiatives website Here, petitions can be launched, signed and submitted directly to the Estonian Parliament.

Many indonesians smiling, wearing World Cleanup Day shirts, walking on a beach, carrying bags full of plastic garbage.

Case study

For a Greener Indonesia.

With their 34 Islands Project, civic movement Let’s Do It Indonesia is working to build a greener future.

Using the Citizen OS platform, local people can submit sustainable waste management ideas and vote for their favourites.

Our impact keeps on growing.

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Make democratic decisions with customisable voting. Perfect for e-democracy initiatives.



Enjoy rational, balanced group discussions, weighing up the pros and cons.

Crowdsourcing Ideas

Crowdsourcing Ideas

Get input from a wider audience. Ideal for citizen participation projects.

Follow up

Follow up

Update participants on actions taken after a group decision.





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