You have a voice and it needs to be heard.

There are people around you who also want to see a change around them. What if you could gather these like-minded people and be part of decision-making in public topics?
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As an individual

One person can always make a difference in a democracy.

Participatory democracy is individual participation by citizens in political decisions and policies that affect their lives. Find out if you can collect votes for an idea to be passed to your local or national government.

As a group

But there’s definitely strength in numbers.

Groups can have an enormous influence on decision-makers. Local and national governments are increasingly trusting citizens to help solve difficult social issues. The Citizen OS platform can be used to crowdsource ideas, discuss and vote.

Raising awareness

Together we can advance online participatory democracy.

To create a better future, we need the opinions of many different people. It is important to let the decision-makers know about our actual needs. The Citizen OS platform can be used by large groups of people to jointly come together and change things.

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