Platform Features

Here’s a comprehensive summary of everything the Citizen OS platform has to offer.

Why choose Citizen OS?

  • A bottom-up approach: citizens can initiate topics without waiting for government.
  • A research-driven strategy in collaboration with universities.
  • Independently-funded Foundation with long-term plans.
  • Brimming with features for balanced discussions, petitions, voting & follow up.

Key Features

  • Free to use. No ads.
  • Invite participants with an email, URL or QR code.
  • Pro and con discussions with comment threads and reactions.
  • Customisable & anonymous voting with deadlines.
  • Multiple choices voting. Choose more than one correct answer.
  • Vote delegation.
  • A ready-made platform – just log in and get started.
  • A secure product with well-vetted open source code.
  • Already in 15 languages and easy to translate.
  • An activity feed with personalised updates.
  • A follow-up function to update on actions taken.
  • e-ID compatible – for logins, votes & digital signatures. (Applicable for Estonian id-card holders only).
  • Ongoing support from our friendly team.
  • Quick and easy logins with social accounts or a fast registration process.


  • Pro and con discussions with comment threads and reactions.
  • Private or public discussions – you choose.
  • Private groups for multiple discussions with the same people.
  • Reaction buttons – see who liked or disliked comments.
  • Co-edit topic texts before or during a discussion.
  • Pinned topics allow for easy repeat access.
  • A personalised activity feed provides live updates on topic activity.
  • Two-way Twitter integration allows for wider discussion input.
  • Community moderation available for total transparency.

Voting & signing

  • Customisable & semi-anonymous voting with deadlines.
  • Advanced voting features, incl. vote delegation, neutral votes, vetoes & multiple choice.
  • Mini-vote function to decide on a minor detail before sending to the overall vote.
  • Co-create petition texts before opening them up for signatures.
  • e-ID compatible – for logins, votes & digital signatures, in Estonia.
  • Multiple choices voting. Choose more than one correct answer.

Technical details

  • Browser-based user interface – no need for an app.
  • High level data privacy with GDPR compliance.
  • Agile & up-to-date software supported by dedicated software developers.
  • Open-source code and development process available on GitHub.
  • Discussion widget available for integrating with your website.
  • e-ID log-in and vote signing in Estonia.
  • Technical support from our friendly, full-time team.

User-driven Translation

  • Already in 15 languages – quick and easy to translate.
  • Convenient & user-driven translation – request a language and translate at your own pace.
  • Collaboration function to translate with your group.
  • Personalised translation support plus online demos and FAQs.

Want more details about a particular feature?

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