Relying on science and data

We work with researchers and gather data to better understand the effects of participatory democracy. If your interests lie in the areas of e-democracy, political theory and decision-making, please contact us if we could benefit from mutual collaboration. Contact us:

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Moving forward

Data collection & cooperations

All data we collect is anonymized and can be used to advance our mission. We also work with involvement specialists working with governments to exchange information.

Research associate Kadi Maria Vooglaid has consulted us on involvement in policymaking, the theories behind political decision-making and different voting systems.


Citizen OS’s own conference

Our first conference, “Political Representation in the Digital Age”, was held in 2017. The topics were:

  • How do politicians, academics and activists perceive the limits of representative democracy in 2017 and for the years to come?
  • Can current institutions handle radically new practices?
  • Will civic technologies really change politics?

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