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Setting up multiple choice voting

As the admin of a topic, when setting up a vote, you can allow topic participants to select more than one vote response option when they vote. We call this “multiple choice voting”. 

To do this you’ll need to select the “custom vote” option when customising the voting settings.

Custom vote 

  • In a custom vote, you have complete flexibility to add your own vote response options. Simply type the choices you wish participants to choose from into the “Step 2: Define answers” fields. 
  • Just like in the regular vote, you can choose to include a “Neutral” or “Veto” option if you wish. 
  • In “Step 3: Define min/max options” you can specify how many of the vote response options you want participants to be able to vote for. For example, if you have set 5 vote options in total, and you want participants to vote for at least 1 but no more than 3 of these, you would set the “Min choices” to 1 and the “Max choices” to 3. 

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