Collaborating for change.

We join forces with organisations worldwide to work on innovative e-democracy and participation projects.

An active citizen who believes that her participation in political issues has an impact.

Digital Transformation for Civic Engagement.

Our new Erasmus+ youth exchange programme will train up Europe’s next generation of leaders in civic engagement project design and participatory leadership, through engaging, hands-on learning methods.

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This 18-month project responds to the current democratic participation challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic through civic hackathons, a new platform, a youth network and a policy White Paper.

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An image of a lit light bulb with four smaller red bubbles surrounding it in a circle with arrows pointing from one to the next bubble.

Civic Hacktivist Community.

In 2019, we launched this international community for the exchange of knowledge and ideas about e-democracy and collaborative decision-making.

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A woman's upper body on the left, the woman staring at a sceen with different people in many windows.

Participatory Youth Leadership Network.

Citizen OS’s Indian chapter, PYLN, collaborates with Indian organisations and hacktivists who share our vision of furthering participatory leadership.

PYLN supports and co-creates action-based research such as campaigns, petitions, bottom-up decision making and grassroots initiatives.

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