Margo Loor

Board member, Leader, Product Manager

Brings light, wisdom and paints the big picture.

Anett Linno

Partnerships & Community

With kind tenderness brings structure and clarity to any chaos.

Oksana Naidjonova

Localisation & Translation

Fights for justice and leads us to become better every day.

Liina Guiter

Marketing & Communications

Finds a common language and something to share with any being on this planet.

Mikk Andresen

Software Developer

Builds stuff out of nothing and keeps our morale at a top height.

Ilmar Türk

Software Developer

Guaranteed delivery of code and smiles.

Kati Vellak


Protects us from baddies and energizes anyone in sight.

Ly Kasvandik

Human Relations

Always there to help and protect, when one needs it most.

Becca Melhuish

Communications Designer & Copywriter

Brings sparkle and shine to all of our comms.

Agustina Iskandar

Partnership Lead in Indonesia

Creator of miracles, protector of freedom and serial collaborator.


Ahti Heinla - Co-founder, CTO at Starship Technologies.

Ahti Heinla & Teeme Ära Sihtasutus (Let's Do It Foundation)

UX/UI Designers

Kevin Crepin, Kristian Lember, Jannus Jaska


Henri Laupmaa, Liia Hänni, Hille Hinsberg, Eva Truuverk, Kadi Maria Vooglaid, Lennart Rikk, Argo Roots

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