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Want a more participatory society? So do we! We’re a civic tech non-profit, here to help you engage in more inclusive decision-making.

Explore our training, projects, and free open-source participation platform.

What we offer

We’re a team of passionate civic tech professionals and expert partners on a mission to improve democracy! We want to empower as many people as possible to participate in respectful, meaningful discussions. So that everyone, everywhere, can decide together on issues that affect their own wellbeing.


We’re bringing democracy into the 21st century. On the Citizen OS platform, you can discuss, vote and decide collectively on the topics that matter to you most.

It’s an open source tool, and it’s free for everyone—for always! Just log in and start a public or private discussion, to level-up your decision-making today.


Through our international projects and programmes, we’re making democracy more participatory.

Our civic engagement projects bring decision-making to the people. And our hands-on training programmes skill-up civil society leaders in inclusive community leadership.

Who we’re here for

We’re all about helping decision-making become more inclusive, at all levels of society. Sounds like your thing? Let’s connect!

Civic movements & active citizens

Our hands-on training programmes empower activists everywhere with participatory leadership skills. They also use our platform to engage people in decision-making, host discussions, and gather support for policy change.

Local communities

Through our training programmes and participation platform, community leaders make sure the people's voice is well-argued, reasoned, and heard! Our civic engagement projects facilitate and improve citizen-government communication around the world.

Organisations & associations

As well as getting skilled-up in participatory leadership on our training programmes, they love to use our platform for asynchronous meetings and stakeholder engagement. They elect boards, approve reports, and engage members in important decisions.

Political parties

Inspiring a new era of participatory politics, parties use our platform to democratise their decision-making. Members collectively shape the party's policies, and elect representatives to put their shared vision to the world.

Public institutions

Governmental bodies use our platform to engage citizens in important decisions and funding allocation. Schools and universities involve their students in steering the institution—through idea gathering, discussions and voting.

Our platform

Want to make better decisions? We’ve just the tool for you! And guess what, it’s free, secure and ad-free. Check out the main features of our open-source participation platform.

The more minds, the better the ideas! Tap into the collective wisdom of your group, community or the wider public.

Engage people with diverse perspectives in respectful and meaningful discussions. Weigh up the pros and cons, backed up with evidence and dialogue.

Make decisions democratically. And together, shape the outcomes that shape your world.

The most empowering thing about collective decision-making? Seeing change happen as a result of your input! Be more transparent and keep everyone in the loop.


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