What is Citizen OS?

It is our mission to empower as many people as possible to participate in respectful, meaningful discussions in order to collaboratively decide in issues that affect their wellbeing


To bring democracy closer to the people, we’ve developed an open source participation platform for citizens and communities.

On it, you can engage people across different locations and timezones to discuss and decide on the topics that affect their lives and well-being.

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Knowledge Hub

In our Knowledge Hub, you can learn about participatory e-democracy, why democracy is so important in the age of technology, and how to make it work in your community or organisation.

Learn how Citizen OS can help you to be more engaging and participatory.

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Global projects

Together with our awesome partners, we lead globally renowned participatory e-democracy projects, which prove the value of respectful discussions and collaborative decision-making. Our projects are mostly aimed at community leaders and civic activists.

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Connecting people and communities

Technology enables us to bring together the voices of a large number of people, regardless of their geographical location or time zone.

For better quality decisions

The more people who participate in the decision-making process, the higher the quality of decisions. On the Citizen OS platform you can ask everyone's opinion on the topics that affect their own lives and well-being.

Main features

Crowdsourcing ideas

Gather a large number of ideas for creative solutions. Experience the collective wisdom and intelligence from putting many heads together.


Start respectful and meaningful discussions and engage people with different opinions. Let the arguments speak for themselves!


Make collaborative and democratic decisions together with the people whose lives and well-being are directly affected by them.

Follow up

Keep people updated with the further discussions and actions taken.

Who uses our platform?

Our platform is designed for citizens and communities who value a diversity of opinions. It’s especially loved by civil society leaders who believe that everyone has the right to make their voice heard. While the below are our most common types of user, the platform is used by all kinds of groups. Schools, local governments, book clubs, friendship groups, families – you name it!

Civic movements

These changemakers use the Citizen OS platform to initiate public discussions and collect ideas on the topics that they stand for, be it the protection of flying squirrels, women rights or the ethics of AI. They send the result of the discussions to the local government or other decision-makers to amend the law or change regulations. They often also use the platform internally, to engage their members in decisions relating to their organisation.

Active citizens

Active citizens are the ones who raise difficult questions about the problems facing their communities, and invite their community members into the discussion on the Citizen OS platform. Whether it’s the local government´s proposed construction project or changes to the local bus schedule, active citizens take action to discuss and communicate their opinions to the decision-makers.

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Professional Unions and Associations

These guys are so busy that it's almost impossible to get them in the same room at the same time! That’s why they use our platform for asynchronous meetings and general meetings. They hold discussions and votes: setting the directions of their advocacy groups, electing board members and approving the annual report.

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Political parties

Party members participate in internal discussions on the Citizen OS platform, to decide on their party's political stance. This means party representatives can be confident they’re communicating the party's collective position, not just their personal opinion.

Our impact keeps on growing