Programme “Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies”

Programme “Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies”

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Programme “Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies” (AISS) programme is developed by Tallinn University (Estonia), Tampere University (Finland) and Lusófona University (Portugal), alongside with the societal NGOs and industry partners, such as Citizen OS, Estonian Anthropocene Center NGO, Lääne-Harju municipality and Inspirators!.

Our aim is to cultivate professionals who can apply critical thinking and AI technologies for societal benefit. The curriculum emphasises sustainability, artificial intelligence, data-driven decisions, and participatory design methods engaging citizens.

The programme is taught in English and taking place in three locations – Estonia, Finland and Portugal. It offers a unique structure with hybrid pedagogies and interdisciplinary projects involving real clients from industry, NGOs, and cities. 

Admissions are open until 15 April 2024!

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