A future, where we can all directly participate in decisions that influence our life and happiness.

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How do we achieve this vision?

Check out some cases how Citizen OS is already helping communities make better decisions together:

Citizen initiatives

Participatory decisionmaking

Community meetings

People in Estonia can submit proposals to their parliament

In Estonia, a portal enables citizens to directly create, discuss and vote on legal initiatives, bypassing more traditional, roundabout methods of lobbying for legal change. Any initiative with at least 1000 pro votes is sent to the national parliament, Riigikogu, who is legally obliged to discuss it. Numerous initiatives have already been passed to the parliament, with many dozens under discussion or in voting at any time. is built on top of Citizen OS API. Build your own citizen intitiative portal, using our open, free API.


102 NGOs agreed on their strategic goals

An NGO umbrella organisation EMSL with 102 members used Citizen OS to decide on it’s strategic goals for 2017 – 2020. The process of creating, debating and deciding upon seven strategic goals was open for participation to all member organisations on Citizen OS. When digitally signed, these decisions also have legal force similar to decisions made in physical meetings.

You can use Citizen OS web platform to collaboratively discuss and decide issues, whether your organisation or community has 10 members or a 1000.

A village of 600 people made a planning decision

A village of 600 people had to decide on whether they want an enlargement of a national refugee facility, already located in the village. On the upside, it would have meant jobs and investment, but many villagers had concerns of security. A village meeting was gathered, attended by less than a hundred people, to discuss the issue. Results of the discussion were posted on Citizen OS for the remaining villagers to be able to read and continue discussing until a consensus was reached.

You can use Citizen OS to jointly discuss and decide issues that affect many people, whether it is the 20 representatives in your apartment block association, 300 in your village or 30 000 in your county.

Our promise

Power to participate

We help you combine the opinions and votes of your community into decisions that cannot be ignored.

Decisions based on research

We collaborate with the academia to offer you the most constructive voting and discussion procedures.

A secure environment

We provide a safe and secure environment for you to discuss and place your votes.

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Minds that think alike

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