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Managing notifications

The Citizen OS platform sends out a small number of automatic email notifications, which are turned on by default. It is possible to opt in to additional notifications.

Default notifications.

Email notifications are sent by default to all users in the following situations:

  • When a person is added to a group, they will receive an invite via email. (Note to admins: we therefore recommend posting at least one topic in the group before inviting members, as being invited to an empty group can cause confusion.)
  • When a person is invited to a topic, they will receive an invite via email.
  • When a new topic is added to a group, an invitation email will be sent to all existing group members.
  • When an argument or comment is flagged as inappropriate, the topic administrator/moderator and the original poster will be notified via email. 


Optional notifications.

There are two ways to turn on optional notifications: 

  • Managing notifications for all topics at once
    • Go into “My Account”. You’ll find this next to your profile avatar in the main menu. 
    • Click on the “Notifications” tab. 
    • On the list of all your topics, you can toggle  notifications “ON” or “OFF” for each topic. “ON” switches all optional notifications on. “OFF” switches all optional notifications off. 
    • If you want to be more selective about exactly which notifications you turn on or off, click on “Set topic notifications”. Tick or untick the relevant categories (see below for category explanations), then click “Save”. 
  • Managing notifications for an individual topic
    • Enter into the relevant topic, then click on “Set topic notifications” in the “Options” menu. (Right sidebar on desktop, or in the options menu tab on mobile).
    • Either toggle all notifications “ON” or “OFF” at once, or tick or untick the relevant boxes (see below for category explanations). Then click “Save”.

Notification categories explained 

Below is what each of the notification categories (in the “Notify me about” list of tick boxes) contain:

  • “All actions in this topic”. All of the below notification categories. 
  • “Topic updates (content, status, categories, reports etc.)”. Any changes to the content or settings of the topic itself. For example, if someone edits the topic text, adds an attachment, reports a comment as inappropriate, makes the topic private, sends the topic to voting or follow-up, closes the vote, etc. 
  • “Topic discussion (arguments, replies)”. Any activity in the discussion, such as new arguments being added, or replies to arguments being posted. 
  • “Voting”. Any activity related to participation in the vote. For example, a user submitting a vote. 
  • “Follow-up events”. Any activity in the “Follow up” section of the topic. For example, when an update has been posted.

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