Enrol Now: “Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies” Programme!

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Programme, “Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies” (AISS), is now accepting admissions! This innovative programme is a collaborative effort between three European universities and societal NGOs and industry partners, including Citizen OS.

AISS – Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies.

“Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Societies” admissions are now open! Photo: AISS.

The AISS programme is developed by Tallinn University (Estonia), Tampere University (Finland) and Lusófona University (Portugal), alongside with the societal NGOs and industry partners, such as Citizen OS, Estonian Anthropocene Center NGO, Lääne-Harju municipality and Inspirators!.

Our aim is to cultivate professionals who can apply critical thinking and AI technologies for societal benefit. The curriculum emphasises sustainability, artificial intelligence, data-driven decisions, and participatory design methods engaging citizens.

Admissions are open until 15 April 2024.

The programme, taught in English, offers a unique structure with hybrid pedagogies and interdisciplinary projects involving real clients from industry, NGOs, and cities.

The AISS programme is needed now more than ever as our communities are polarising. People doubt democracy's effectiveness and their ability to protect it.

Citizen OS to lead a course on Civic Engagement

“We are thrilled to deliver a course on Civic Engagement to students of the AISS programme. We live in an era where people are eager to participate but are not always sure how they can do so effectively,” commented Sara Sinha, Partnership & Community Lead at Citizen OS.

In the course led by Citizen OS, students will study public participation theories and implement them in real-life civic projects.

“The AISS programme is greatly needed, as we are witnessing how our communities are becoming increasingly polarised and disempowered. People feel that democracy isn’t functioning effectively. Even if they uphold democratic values, they are losing confidence in their ability to mobilise in order to protect it,” expressed Sinha her concern about the state of democracy.

“Civic led projects often engage diverse groups of people working towards a common cause. They embody the values of tolerance, respect, and inclusion. We believe it is essential to learn how to design and deliver these projects, regardless of their scale. If you are interested in learning both theoretically and practically how to engage and empower democratic participation online (and offline), this course is for you,” she encourages students to apply.

The course outline

The programme consists of the following academically dependent specialisations, which are studied in parallel in 3 different locations: 

  • Enrolling in Tallinn, Estonia. Starting with basic studies in sustainable societies, AI and data and design.
  • Continuing in Porto, Portugal. Moving forward with a mix of electives and basic studies.
  • Arriving in Tampere, Finland. The studies will carry on in the form of an Interdisciplinary Project-based course with real clients. 
  • Last semester. The focus is on professional placement and master’s thesis. Here, the students can choose whether to work in Tampere, Tallinn, or Porto.
Picture of Meelika Hirmo

Meelika Hirmo

Communications Lead

Shaping strategic communication and giving more momentum to the mission and initiatives of Citizen OS.

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